Smoky Mtn.

The Smokey Mountains are stunning and heavenly. But when you visit via the tourist spots, it is not fun. Too many people. Too many people being noisy and not sensitive enough to the awesomeness that surrounds them. Quite frustrating. This poem came from that experience…..  

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prairie crossing

Many years ago a few friends and I drove from Indiana to Colorado. Once we hit Kansas, I was awestruck by the wide open farmland, with no buildings or trees in sight! I felt that which is the opposite of claustrophobia.         (Photo from

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A dear friend once gave me an Iona stone – the “green eye”. And I fell in love with the island without yet having been there…. (Photos by Warren Lynn, who gave me the stones)

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Grey Mare’s Tail

I’ve not yet been to Scotland (although it is threaded through my DNA), but when I saw footage of Grey Mare’s Tail on tv, it affected me quite powerfully! So I had to write about it. One day I will see the falls for myself : )   (Photos from,,

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