As a Poet….

This is how I feel as a Poet – my job is to love Earth and to raise the “invisible” (those things that most folks have forgotten to pay attention to) into visibility, and “learning to be astonished”. Wonder and curiosity and love. And joy! I adore Mary Oliver because she does this so wellContinue reading “As a Poet….”

Poetry is important and relevant

Poetry is highly relevant right now….it is a way to stop and be where you are, focused, calm. It is the energies, experiences, and observations of a life – the life of a creative mind and soul, a conduit – woven into word form, reminding the reader to look up, and allowing beautiful connections toContinue reading “Poetry is important and relevant”

Gems (a poet’s note on noticing….)

As a poet, and one with very sharp senses, I tend to notice basically everything all around me all the time. I focus on the beautiful and the serene. We are surrounded by beauty that most people dismiss or are completely oblivious to. One of my jobs as a poet is to help folks toContinue reading “Gems (a poet’s note on noticing….)”