Remembering: a Project

The childhood memories I hold need space to move around on the page, to reveal themselves. Therefore, I have decided to start a project writing poems based on events from childhood, chiefly poems of time spent in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maine, with family. This photo is a rough draft of a poem about BlackberryContinue reading “Remembering: a Project”

Pearl Emmaline

My great grandmother’s line contains rather high and lofty folks all the way back to the fourth century in Ireland/Scotland/Dalriada. Fascinating history. “Too much history for one heart to carry.”

Thistledown (Haiku)

I’ve allowed a patch of thistle to grow in my back yard. I love keeping my yard a little wild around the edges : ) Once the gorgeous purple flowers turn to fluff/down, it’s amazing how far the seeds fly! It’s lovely to watch.