Going Inside….

Crafting poems is not only fun, but is highly rewarding. You become more closely connected to your environment, to your imagination, to yourself, and it provides what we all need: a chance to slow down and be in the moment. You cannot write without being very present in the moment – it’s as if time […]

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The People of the Trees

Being a Native person, I feel a tremendous connection to Earth and everything on it. Being among trees, sitting in the grass, walking by a river, riding my mule, sitting and watching the breeze tickle the flowers…..all of these things heal me, and help me to feel complete. I adore trees! believe that having trees […]

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Wild Swimming

In order to move forward, to create a better life, we sometimes hesitate, as it feels comfortable to stay mired in the “muck and stone” of what is familiar, even if that familiarity is not so great. This poem is about leaving that muck and diving in! Trust the Universe and trust yourself. (photo by […]

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