Cranes circling

If you live along the Sandhill Crane migration route, then you know what I mean….🙂 Here is a moment in February, with the Cranes….🌞🕊️✨

Bird (awaiting translation)

I’m a bird watcher, so I love to see and hear the birds as they pass through my yard in the Spring. It’s excting to hear the new songs that hold the history of warm, exotic places I have not seen 🌿🙂🐦

Bird feeder, late September

Bird (awaiting translation)

I’m a bit of a bird watcher, so whenever I hear calls or songs that are unfamiliar, from birds on their migration routes, I’m instantly intrigued! The other day I heard such a song, but never was able to catch a glimpse of the singer. So they, and where they came from, were a mysteryContinue reading “Bird (awaiting translation)”