Four Gyrfalcons

Unforgettable….many years ago, after a visit with my Appaloosa mare, I was about to get in my car when something made me stop and look up. I stood for about 15 or 20 minutes with my mouth open in absolute awe as four Gyrfalcons spun directly overhead. Gyrfalcons are northern birds, but they do sometimes […]

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Toward This Spring

Spring is the ultimate symbol of renewal, of light and lightness, color and transformation. This poem is about all of this. I speak of the shedding petals as going up, rather than falling down to decompose in the soil: I stand, a solid body on the grass, but my old energies are passing up and […]

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Tao of Sound

I notice sound constantly. Because I’m am musician, and because I have very sensitive hearing. I love to discern the musicality in sounds. I “see” sound. What do different sounds look like to you? I love Cymatics – actual visualization of sound waves. This is an older poem I wrote while working in a school […]

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Poetry can be a form of meditation. Reading and writing poetry can help us to come out of ourselves, or bring us back into ourselves, if we feel scattered. It is a practice in being present. Being present calms us, quiets our minds, and connects us with everything, including that which many people may dismiss […]

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Wild Swimming

In order to move forward, to create a better life, we sometimes hesitate, as it feels comfortable to stay mired in the “muck and stone” of what is familiar, even if that familiarity is not so great. This poem is about leaving that muck and diving in! Trust the Universe and trust yourself. (photo by […]

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