song of mixed blood

We feel our heritage strongly. An extremely powerful part of the whole of who I am is Eastern Cherokee. It ties me to Earth in ways that I can only describe in poetry and music….  

Cherokee mother

Need something to read while in isolation? My book, Diary of the Soft World, is available. Poems can be very relaxing, and induce mindfulness and comfortable introspection. Check out my book page on this site. Thank you! Poems also reflect ancestry….  

Blossom in the rock

We all want to know where we come from. My mom once told me a story about one of my great grandmothers, Leviniah Blevins, and that story has stuck with me for a long time. I feel the kinship with my great grandmothers and great grandfathers, and I have tried to honor them with words.Continue reading “Blossom in the rock”