This is about the actual dance, and about having the courage to step into who you truly areā€¦.     (Photo from

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Blossom in the rock

We all want to know where we come from. My mom once told me a story about one of my great grandmothers, Leviniah Blevins, and that story has stuck with me for a long time. I feel the kinship with my great grandmothers and great grandfathers, and I have tried to honor them with words. […]

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Becoming Coyote

I love Coyotes. They possess a tangible magic. I used to have an Appaloosa mare, Jet, that I kept at a private farm. The back field was closed off from everything, like a sanctuary, so I spent a great deal of time back there, just sitting, resting, meditating, playing flute, communing, observing. The entire area […]

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Sky unties his braid

I’m a “night owl”. Always have been. Once the sun goes down, I come to life and feel like my self. And I adore sunsets – they thrill me! This is my Cherokee view of a sunset….   (sunset, Ft Desoto – photo by Warren Lynn)  

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Bear Spirit entering

Heritage is huge. What is mapped in our DNA speaks very loudly. The truth about what I felt and believed as a child, and why I felt that way, was finally revealed to me many years ago (ancestry), and the words began to pour out. This poem that came from that revelation. What has your […]

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