Chatter of Sparrows (Tanka)

Bird (awaiting translation)

In the Spring, as the birds migrate, we sometimes find one passing through that we have not seen or heard before. They seem exotic to us. I love that! : )  

Whippoorwill – haiku

The happy surprise of Whippoorwill song in the city….I was in the alley, coming out of my garage, when I heard her/him. I’m very grateful for my neighborhood full of trees, trees that invite birds and small wildlife. I feel comforted and can relax knowing they are there with me. Yes, I do plan toContinue reading “Whippoorwill – haiku”

Bird (awaiting translation)

I’m a bit of a bird watcher, so whenever I hear calls or songs that are unfamiliar, from birds on their migration routes, I’m instantly intrigued! The other day I heard such a song, but never was able to catch a glimpse of the singer. So they, and where they came from, were a mysteryContinue reading “Bird (awaiting translation)”