Poetry reading – Horse are the soul of Earth

One poem and one moment of your time. I hope you enjoy this poem -it’s all about horses. It’s not easy to describe their strength, grace, and beauty, but I try to do so through poetry. I hope you enjoy this poem, whether you are a horse lover or just appreciate and admire horses. ThankContinue reading “Poetry reading – Horse are the soul of Earth”

Cranes circling

If you live along the Sandhill Crane migration route, then you know what I mean….🙂 Here is a moment in February, with the Cranes….🌞🕊️✨

black cat

For my Iona (Sissy-boo), who passed two weeks ago. I adored her, and miss her very much. She was the Queen of the house, and the most amazing cat I’ve ever had. For you, Sissy-boo….💖🐈‍⬛✨💖


I may not have been born in the mountains, but my sister and I spent a lot of time there, as you may remember from my poems about our visits to Grandma Hatfield’s house. Those mountains remain in my spirit and my soul, and reside in my DNA!