Bird (awaiting translation)

In the Spring, as the birds migrate, we sometimes find one passing through that we have not seen or heard before. They seem exotic to us. I love that! : )  

Horses at Dawn (a Romantic Piece)

  I’ve been deeply in love with horses since I was born. I’ve been fortunate enough have been around them most of my life: from riding lessons as a child, the first family horse, a job with a large dressage barn, certification in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and a very successful massage business (I wasContinue reading “Horses at Dawn (a Romantic Piece)”

Becoming Coyote

I love Coyotes. They possess a tangible magic. I used to have an Appaloosa mare, Jet, that I kept at a private farm. The back field was closed off from everything, like a sanctuary, so I spent a great deal of time back there, just sitting, resting, meditating, playing flute, communing, observing. The entire areaContinue reading “Becoming Coyote”

Bear Spirit entering

Heritage is huge. What is mapped in our DNA speaks very loudly. The truth about what I felt and believed as a child, and why I felt that way, was finally revealed to me many years ago (ancestry), and the words began to pour out. This poem that came from that revelation. What has yourContinue reading “Bear Spirit entering”


There is a vital exercise that we should all do – not cardio, not pilates, not running…’s stopping. I am an example of this, just as many of us are: we’re always in motion – taking care of business and working to make a few dreams come true. I have Sensory Processing Sensitivity, so myContinue reading “Translucence”