My book, Diary of the Soft World

Diary of the Soft World

I am very happy to announce that Diary of the Soft World, my first book of poems, is now available on,,, and! It’s available in both paperback and electronic format. Links are provided below.

Most of the poems here on my WordPress site are included in the book.

I invite you to explore several genres and styles of poetry in these pages. This is a big, beefy paperback (over 300 pages), chock full of a wide variety of poems I have written over a span of several years. These poems are accessible to everyone, including those who might be new to poetry.

I believe poetry is a kind of secret “portal”. It also feeds our spirits, lifts us, frees us, connects us.



“Carol’s poetry will give you a moment to ponder something meaningful, and refresh your soul.”   (Facebook review)


“Carol’s poems range from nostalgic profiles of her ancestors to whimsical descriptions of clouds. The poetry is uniquely formatted, so you can sense the intended rhythm and pacing of the verses. If you appreciate Native American lore, animals (especially horses), and exploring nature, this is a book you’ll enjoy.”  ( review)

Thank you for your support, and for reading my poems!


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Me, lute, Luna-2019

This is me with my gallichon (bass lute). Luna says Hello!