Rubbing words together

Would you like to learn a simple exercise to create interesting imagery and fresh poems? I was honored to receive an award for teaching poetry writing to children, and this was one of the main techniques/exercises I used (I’ve used this exercise with adults, too – in workshops/seminars). I learned this technique from Babara JusterContinue reading “Rubbing words together”

Reading to Write

It’s no secret that the key to writing poetry is to read poetry. The cool thing is that poems are usually rather short, so it isn’t as daunting as trying to read a 300 page novel or non-fiction book. And reading poems allows you a moment of quiet focus – presence. Focus in another worldContinue reading “Reading to Write”

Bear Spirit entering

Heritage is huge. What is mapped in our DNA speaks very loudly. The truth about what I felt and believed as a child, and why I felt that way, was finally revealed to me many years ago (ancestry), and the words began to pour out. This poem that came from that revelation. What has yourContinue reading “Bear Spirit entering”

Grandmothers Dream of John Wayne

Being a musician and a writer/poet, I was naturally inspired to try my hand at writing song lyrics. I don’t usually work with rhyme, but it’s fun to get back to it every now and then. Back when I was creating children’s programs for the libraries, one of my favorites was to invite smaller childrenContinue reading “Grandmothers Dream of John Wayne”