Haiku – the universe in a bubble

I love Haiku. It’s the art of placing an entire world, an entire circumstance/event, on the head of a pin. It is the art of focusing the universe into one bubble of a moment, and then focusing on one specific point within that bubble. A moment that blooms with fabulous imagery and meaning. It’s aContinue reading “Haiku – the universe in a bubble”


There is a vital exercise that we should all do – not cardio, not pilates, not running…..it’s stopping. I am an example of this, just as many of us are: we’re always in motion – taking care of business and working to make a few dreams come true. I have Sensory Processing Sensitivity, so myContinue reading “Translucence”

Wild Swimming

In order to move forward, to create a better life, we sometimes hesitate, as it feels comfortable to stay mired in the “muck and stone” of what is familiar, even if that familiarity is not so great. This poem is about leaving that muck and diving in! Trust the Universe and trust yourself. (photo byContinue reading “Wild Swimming”