Bird (awaiting translation)

I’m a bit of a bird watcher, so whenever I hear calls or songs that are unfamiliar, from birds on their migration routes, I’m instantly intrigued! The other day I heard such a song, but never was able to catch a glimpse of the singer. So they, and where they came from, were a mysteryContinue reading “Bird (awaiting translation)”

Four Gyrfalcons

Unforgettable….many years ago, after a visit with my Appaloosa mare, I was about to get in my car when something made me stop and look up. I stood for about 15 or 20 minutes with my mouth open in absolute awe as four Gyrfalcons spun directly overhead. Gyrfalcons are northern birds, but they do sometimesContinue reading “Four Gyrfalcons”

Horses at Dawn (a Romantic Piece)

  I’ve been deeply in love with horses since I was born. I’ve been fortunate enough have been around them most of my life: from riding lessons as a child, the first family horse, a job with a large dressage barn, certification in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and a very successful massage business (I wasContinue reading “Horses at Dawn (a Romantic Piece)”