Remembering: a Project

The childhood memories I hold need space to move around on the page, to reveal themselves. Therefore, I have decided to start a project writing poems based on events from childhood, chiefly poems of time spent in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Maine, with family. This photo is a rough draft of a poem about Blackberry Creek, which was across the street from Grandma Hatfield’s house. My sister, cousins, and I spent a lot of time exploring that creek – skipping rocks, wading, etc. Wonderful memories! I hope to finish this one soon. Stay tuned!

This Music

For my great-grandma Ratliff….

(Photo by my father, Lowell D. Hatfield)

Pearl Emmaline

My great grandmother’s line contains rather high and lofty folks all the way back to the fourth century in Ireland/Scotland/Dalriada. Fascinating history. “Too much history for one heart to carry.”

Thistledown (Haiku)

I’ve allowed a patch of thistle to grow in my back yard. I love keeping my yard a little wild around the edges : ) Once the gorgeous purple flowers turn to fluff/down, it’s amazing how far the seeds fly! It’s lovely to watch.

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