In one of my previous posts, Becoming Coyote, I mentioned the special space of the fields near the barn where I kept my Appaloosa mare, Jet. This was what I call sacred space, and many amazing events happened there. Not the least of which was the finding of a 6,000 year old blade! It hadContinue reading “Artifacts”

Forest Cymatics

This is another poem about sound. Can’t help it – being a musician, I pay close attention to sound all around me, and I love it. I love the feel of the energy of sound, and the shapes it makes in the study of cymatics. This is how I imagine that energy within the forest,Continue reading “Forest Cymatics”

Rubbing words together

Would you like to learn a simple exercise to create interesting imagery and fresh poems? I was honored to receive an award for teaching poetry writing to children, and this was one of the main techniques/exercises I used (I’ve used this exercise with adults, too – in workshops/seminars). I learned this technique from Babara JusterContinue reading “Rubbing words together”