The spark

What sparks a poem? How am Inspired to write a poem?

Most of my poems are inspired by nature. I have to be outside part of the day (and much of that time outside is with my mule). That’s just who I am. Once I move to the country, I intend to be outside as much as possible!

I have what is called Sensory Processing Sensitivity, which means that my nervous system is like a non-human’s – highly, highly sensitive to energies. So when I’m outside I feel, see, hear things that most people ignore. Even sunlight has a “sound”. I’ve worked to channel my sensitivity into feeding my words. I focus on something that draws my attention/pulls on my emotions, and the wheels begin to turn! I get a feeling in my “gut” – a spark, a flame, and words come to me. After so many years of writing and teaching writing, it becomes a habit.

Sometimes I watch a movie or tv show where a character speak a very interesting line – imaginative and full of imagery. So I try to remember it or write it down. That line could lead to a poem. It’s a word game : )

Old family photos, colors, emotions, memories….these can all lead to a poem. Whatever fills my belly with the “fire”, and opens my mind to receive the words. The words come to me like an ethereal download. It’s magical!

Lately I’ve not been writing as much as usual. So I try to find my own inspiration, and I pick up my favorite book of poems to read. You can’t write without reading!

I keep my eyes and ears open for the spark at all times. Writing is a joy!

Published by Carol

Carol became addicted to the cathartic and highly personal nature of poetry as a child. She has taught poetry writing and appreciation to children and adults, and has had the good fortune to serve as a poet-in-residence for Clark Elementary School in Franklin, Indiana. She has also presented poetry workshops for librarians at the Children & Young People’s Division library conferences, and was awarded “Outstanding Teaching in the Field of Poetry” by the Barbara Juster Esbensen teaching award committee. Carol’s poems have been published in anthologies, journals, and magazines such as Frogpond, Branches, The Journal of Modern Haiku, The Vision, and Cricket. Holding a B.A. in Music, Carol has performed in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Ensembles to her credit include Shilombish, White Elk, Zionsville Flute Choir, American Crow. As well as being a vocalist, Carol also performs on silver flute, Native American style flute, bass guitar, and bass lute. Also an avid equestrian, Carol is a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, and loves to spend time with her mule, Andromeda.

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