In one of my previous posts, Becoming Coyote, I mentioned the special space of the fields near the barn where I kept my Appaloosa mare, Jet. This was what I call sacred space, and many amazing events happened there. Not the least of which was the finding of a 6,000 year old blade! It had been raining for a day or two, and the farmer had plowed the soil in the field directly behind the barn. I loved to take walks back there, so once the rain cleared, I pulled on my mud boots and headed out. I was about 50 feet out, past the pasture fence, when something made me stop and turn around (one of those very strong impulses that can only come from elsewhere). I spied an object sitting on top of the furrow of soil – plain as day – as if someone had just dropped it there a few moments before. Imagine my utter shock when I walked back to that spot, picked up the object, and discovered that it was a stone blade! This is why a friend and fellow musician once called me a “conduit” (which broke me into tears).

After that day, I spent countless hours searching the soil. I found many fossils (Indiana was once underwater), stone flakes from where blades and arrowheads were formed, and a 6,000 to 8,000 year old arrowhead with the tip broken off. I absolutely cherish these items! And I’m incredibly grateful to hold the honor of Finder and Keeper. And Rememberer.


(Photo by me)



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