Horses at Dawn (a Romantic Piece)


I’ve been deeply in love with horses since I was born. I’ve been fortunate enough have been around them most of my life: from riding lessons as a child, the first family horse, a job with a large dressage barn, certification in Equine Sports Massage Therapy and a very successful massage business (I was one of the first people in Indiana to be practicing ESMT), a job in a high-end tack shop, a horse of my own (an Appaloosa mare named Jet), and now my little mule, Andromeda. I’ve had many amazing experiences, and never has my love for equines flagged or waned. They possess a fierce yet gentle spirit, they are stunningly beautiful, and always amaze me with how willing they are to do what we ask of them. So yes, I had to write a few poems about them : ) Here is one….(along with a photo of my sweet Andromeda)


(Photo from


Horses at Dawn (a Romantic Piece).jpeg




Andromeda-June 2017

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