Becoming Coyote

I love Coyotes. They possess a tangible magic. I used to have an Appaloosa mare, Jet, that I kept at a private farm. The back field was closed off from everything, like a sanctuary, so I spent a great deal of time back there, just sitting, resting, meditating, playing flute, communing, observing. The entire area had a magic to it, an amazing energy, and quite a lot of wildlife – Great Horned Owls, Rabbits, Hawks, Tortoise….. There had been a settlement/village there, thousands of years ago. (I found a blade and a broken arrow head that were dated 6,000-8,000 years old, but that’s a story for another time.) I would ride Jet in the nearby farm fields, and on one special ride we witnessed Coyote pups playing! On another occasion, I sat behind the barn to play flute, and a Coyote answered. It was a very intimate and spiritual experience. Once, while I was up by the barn, I heard them in the back field. I crept toward the gateway as silently as possible so that I could get a peek at them. Even as quiet as I was, by the time I got within sight, they had vanished like smoke! Without a sound, and without stirring even one blade of the tall grass. Poof! Today, there is a Coyote family near my home in the city (Indianapolis). It makes me feel good to know that they’re near. They are a part of me, and always will be.


(Coyote photo by Warren Lynn)


becoming coyote.jpeg

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