Haiku – the universe in a bubble

I love Haiku. It’s the art of placing an entire world, an entire circumstance/event, on the head of a pin. It is the art of focusing the universe into one bubble of a moment, and then focusing on one specific point within that bubble. A moment that blooms with fabulous imagery and meaning. It’s a beautiful mindfulness exercise.

And no, your haiku does not have to contain a 5-7-5 syllable pattern – that’s a misconception. Here is a link with a great explanation: http://www.nahaiwrimo.com/home/why-no-5-7-5. So don’t limit your imagination, nor your haiku!


[Aphrodite Fritillary butterfly (Speyeria aphrodite) on Blackeyed Susan flower (Rudbeckia hirta), with a little white Crab Spider – photo by Warren Lynn]



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