Going Inside….

Crafting poems is not only fun, but is highly rewarding. You become more closely connected to your environment, to your imagination, to yourself, and it provides what we all need: a chance to slow down and be in the moment. You cannot write without being very present in the moment – it’s as if time slows. It’s quite magical! And rather therapeutic.

I’ve taught poetry writing to many people, of all ages. Would you like to get started, or would you be interested in new ideas for writing?

Here is one exercise that children love: Going Inside poems. You imagine yourself literally going inside something. It can be anything, even imaginary – be freely creative with it! Think like a child – with a free mind. Use words that you might not use in everyday situations, think of colors – what colors do you see? How big, small is it in there? Does it sparkle and glimmer? Are you under water or inside a planet? Is anyone else in there with you? Does someone live in there? Maybe you live there! What does it smell like? Sound like? What can you feel with your hands or feet?

It can be a very simple or quite elaborate poem – allow your spirit to help guide your imagination….and if you feel like sharing, please do so!

Here is an example of one I wrote for children:

Inside the Whale



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